Published: 2014-02-12 10:22:23 by Daniele Ricci

We are glad to announce that we've just entered alpha testing! Click here for the announcement on kontalk-devel. Being this an initial alpha release, it contains a lot of new features but also a lot of bugs. It might also blow up your phone.
Alpha release is public, but please note that some skills are required for being a good tester: you might be asked to generate system log dumps, possibly extract system files and stuff like that. Please wait for beta if you think you don't have time to spare or some basic Android skills.

This alpha introduces the use of XMPP with the original package name org.kontalk. Some highlights:

  • you will not be able to chat with Kontalk 2.x users until they upgrade
  • invitation system: no more automatic subscriptions. Although there is a privacy setting regulating this, XMPP normal presence subscription flow is used
  • XMPP compression is not enabled yet, so this version will require more bandwidth than "normal" thus more energy
  • you will be asked for your name at the first chance you open the new app. That will be the name that will be used in your PGP key uid

A lot of stuff is still missing: media messages (e.g. images) are not available yet. You can see a list of changes planned for alpha2 here.

I want to thank Christian Braun which has kindly donated a mirror for Kontalk releases and other stuff:
Despite of what I said in the release announcement, we are not hosting releases on Google Drive any more. Mirrors are listed in the downloads page on Google Code.

Published: 2014-01-31 14:56:21 by Daniele Ricci

We are almost there. There are still a few more things left, but the big tasks have been completed. As you can see from the git log these last days have been very full of work for me.

In the last two weeks Kontalk XMPP client has grown really fast, still I'm not yet sure what the date of the first alpha release will be. I'd like to say the 9th, but there is still a big open point about a possible bug on Android versions 2.x in its SSL implementation which is quite critical for successful login to the XMPP server1.

The first alpha version will have a basic invitation system, enhanced PGP encryption featuring 2048-bit RSA keys (GnuPG not ready for ECC yet, sorry), typing notifications, a new Emoji input mode, a lot of other performance improvements and bugfixes not found in the 2.x series.

The only thing missing will be attachments: there are still some things left to do server-side, so the "buttons" will be available but they will not work at first. Also blocking a user will not be available in this first alpha release.

In the mean time, I'm working together with the XMPP standards team to write a push notifications XEP draft which is being discussed these days also at the XMPP summit at FOSDEM (which I unfortunately couldn't attempt to).

Stay tuned.

  1. after recent tests I can confirm that the issue can't be reproduced.