Published: 2015-06-28 15:59:47 by Daniele Ricci

You waited for it and finally here we are: version 3.0 is out.

On 2015-06-14, Kontalk 3.0 hit the Play Store (F-Droid a few days later). There are still a few rough edges, most of them fixed in today's new release 3.0.1, but XMPP is finally there.
I've decided to release maintenance releases every 15-20 days (at least I will try) and I'm already working at group chat which will be coming in version 3.1. I've set its milestone to August, 2nd, but I really doubt I'll make it for that exact date (maybe an alpha version).

In the meantime, Kontalk is now translated into 13 languages (!!!) and the Play Store listing have been translated into 7 languages. I want to thank all the translators — which have been properly credited of course in the new credits section of the app — for the hard work they are doing of improving our favourite app!

A nice news is our wiki, hosted at GitHub and reachable also from within the app by using the Help item in Kontalk settings. Many pages were born in the last week and, with the help of the translators, most of them are already translated into Italian, Dutch and German. Since it's a wiki, anyone can contribute to them. You are welcome to create a GitHub account and improve or fix any page.

The desktop client is also doing great lately: much has improved in the last two months and more is coming. You now have two ways of using Kontalk on your PC. If you have Linux, you can try our Pidgin plugin for limited functionality. Our official desktop client instead supports pretty much all the features of Kontalk.

Last but not least, our donors: their continued efforts and donations keep the Kontalk project running and shining. Thank you!!

Published: 2014-08-31 17:41:04 by Daniele Ricci
WARNING! Version 3.0 is not compatible with version 2.x, meaning that users from both versions will not be able to chat with each other. However, the upgrade from 2.2.9 to 3.0 will keep your messages intact.

You've been waiting for it for a very long time, here we are at last, announcing the first beta release of Kontalk 3.0. There was a lot of work behind this release and I hope it will work well enough and meet your expectations.

For people coming from the 2.x series, there is a lot of new stuff in this version:

  • new XMPP protocol
  • full PGP asymmetric encryption
  • invitation system and blocking users
  • media encryption
  • new full set of emojis by Emojicon

A complete changelog is available on the GitHub release page here (although this changelog is from version alpha7):

This new release is already available on Google Play beta channel and will be available on F-Droid very soon. F-Droid users will need no special action, however Google Play users are required to either join the Kontalk Android client community1 on Google+ or subscribe to the kontalk-devel2 or kontalk-users3 groups. Once you've done that, go to this page:

And click become a tester. Wait a few hours and you'll have the update straight on Google Play.