Published: 2013-06-24 17:35:49 by Daniele Ricci

You did it. You made it possible. Budget for this year has been filled! Cent after cent, every small donation counted.

I want to thank every single person (actually I did by replying to every single one of you) who donated their money for the Kontalk network. I didn't think so much people would get involved in this project: many people offered help in translation, writing documentation and also helping development.

Kontalk 3.0 — XMPP version — is on its way. We hope to release something fully working by the end of this summer and give people the real Kontalk experience by implementing safer encryption and augmented security.

Stay tuned on this channel to know more about XMPP progress.

Published: 2013-06-15 16:15:46 by Daniele Ricci

I've just started to contribute to Bouncy Castle to implement RFC 6637. I'm having a few... "difficulties" I hope to solve thanks to the help of BC developers, but I really want to go through it because having elliptic curve keys is very important to Kontalk.

Because of the very small key and signature sizes compared to the actual PGP standards (RSA, DSA, ElGamal) and being much stronger, ECC will be a major part of Kontalk development. The primary benefit of using ECC in Kontalk is key size: having smaller keys means smaller signatures, less bandwidth, less storage capacity for servers (and clients too).

Asymmetric-encryption-driven privacy lists and invitation system will probably require clients to sign or encrypt the list of allowed buddies, probably signing it with each buddy's public key. This could mean a lot, thus a big bunch of data to be exchanged between servers and clients and between servers.

This part is addressed by issues 48, 54 and 55. If you have any ideas please head there and post them, we really need help :-)