Published: 2013-05-30 10:12:37 by Daniele Ricci

Blog is back online! :-) Power supply unit was damaged and I had to order a new one.

A good news for everyone: there will be a new server on the XMPP network soon, but I will introduce it later on another post — when everything will be ready.

Just yesterday, by merging branch gnutlsnet, I introduced OpenPGP-over-TLS serverlink connection and authentication. For now it's just a simple fingerprint-host match, but it's a start for safe Kontalk server-to-server connections. Changes are live on both prime and beta so anybody can just switch server by setting it manually on Kontalk Android client settings (use this notation:| Remember that fileserver is disabled on beta so you won't be able to send attachments if you are connected to beta (although you can still receive them from other users). It will however be activated soon.

I will release a new Kontalk XMPP Android preview soon, including changes on internal serverlist to include prime, beta and the new server — which doesn't have a name yet :-)